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Payment type...

We accept credit via e-mailed invoice....if paying by cash, remember project/job is not started until balance is paid in full first.

Turnaround time, how long will my project take?

All projects have different time frames, we try our best to get them down as quick as possible without sacrificing quality work needed to be done. Print jobs can take anywhere from a day to 10 business days depending job type and quantity.

How much do you charge?

It varies from project to project on how extensive the project is or becomes.

Completed Projects:

Once a project is completed the file/s will be saved in the type requested by the customer. Customers may request new unedited file formats two more times after they received the initial files. Any additional files that get requested will be charged $10 per transfer.

Completed Project changes :


Changes that need to be made to a project after it has been completed and approved by the customer will be billed based on work needed to be done.

Artwork Needed:

Not an issue, we'll be glad to help and create something for you, just send us what you have in mind via our contact page.

Artwork Submittals:

We require 300 dpi (dots per in.)

Resolution graphics in these formats:

  • EPS

  • PDF

  • PSD (***RGB/CMYK in at least 300 dpi)

  • Ai 

  • TIFF

  • MS Word files must be high resolution (at least 300 dpi)

  • Hand drawn black and white drawing with dark black pen such as a sharpie marker. Colored pens work up to a maximum of 5 colors on dark shirts and 6
    colors (black included) on light shirts.

  • FONTS, either converted to paths, font file (otf, ttf file) or link to the actual free font must be included with artwork.

Artwork Charges:

  • We charge $75 an hour with a minimum billing amount of $25.

  • Charges are applicable if artwork is not submitted to the following guidelines:

  • Sized to print or larger for non-vector artworks such as .jpeg/.tiff

  • If FONTS are not included  and are needed, we will try to match the example FONTS as close as possible, but cannot guarantee exact matches.

Terms and Conditions and some other info to help you get started with our services...
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